Rendering a Wall

Rendering a wall can be a tricky process. If not done professionally can result in a lumpy and uneven surface.

Our experience and drive for perfection means that we guarantee a quality finish to every wall we render.

We’re so confident in our process, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide so you know you’ll receive a perfectly rendered wall with Project Render Systems.

How to Render a Wall

Step 1

1. Assess the area to be rendered and remove any old render or old paint from the substrate were possible.

Step 2

2. Prepare the walls using a jet wash to remove any false bodies, dirt or grime to create a clean, solid surface.

Step 3

3. Fix specially formulated window protection and apply an external pre-grit to the substrate if required.

Step 4

4. Apply base coats of render ensuring a perfectly flat finish. Structural reinforcing mesh is also used to avoid any cracking or displace of render under structural movement.

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