Domestic Rendering

Upgrade your home with our house rendering services

With over 20 years experience, Project Render Systems have improved the look and value of hundreds of properties across the country with our domestic rendering services. We provide a free consultation to guide you through our house rendering process so you can be assured of a quality and perfectly smooth finish.

Using the best knowledge, render options and equipment, we have the right solution for your renovation project, which will not only improve exterior aesthetics but can also reduce your monthly utility bills.

We don’t ask for half of the projects costs until after the project is completed and you are happy with the result.

Types of Render

Synthetic Render Systems

Synthetic, acrylic and silicone render systems ensure a quality, bright and fresh look to any property. The thin, mesh reinforced base coat is applied with a choice of coloured and textured top layers.

Providing exceptional weather protection as well as being vapour permeable, which allows the structure to breathe, synthetic render system ensure no water gets in and no internal damp.

External Wall Insulation (EWI) Systems

Covering your home in a thermal coat, External Wall Insulation (EWI) rendering systems are primarily designed to improve the energy efficiency of any property.

Using the highest quality EWI materials, Project Render Systems ensures you receive a weather protective, hard wearing, breathable coat that lasts a minimum of 30 years. Benefit from all this while improving the look of your home and reducing your utility bills. Click here to find out more about our EWI rendering systems.

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